Food Fun – Lunchboxes for Children with Rocking Pony

Let’s make lunch an adventure! From the supermarket shop to food preparation, getting the kids involved in what goes in their tummies can be great fun! Whatever weird and wonderful creations they come up with, it’s a fun way to get the kids thinking about food and a healthy diet. To add to the culinary excitement we have the Tyrrell Katz Insulated Lunch Bag now in stock, which comes in a range of prints to match the variety of scrumptious snacks they will be eating over the summer!

ballet gift lunchbox

Lunchboxes for Children

The Ballet Gift Lunch Bag is lightweight but durable, and importantly, wipe clean! We also have matching drinks bottles available! Why not take a look at our other lunchboxes for children to inspire your little ones to get enthusing about food!

Father’s Day at Rocking Pony

It’s almost Father’s day!!! This year instead of -or as well as- buying the obligatory socks, why not try buying something a bit different?

All Dads love handy gadgets right? Or at least ones they can pretend to be handy with… we’ve got all sorts to suit all budgets and all kinds of Dads; here are our Top Three:

Photo of Mens Keytool Gadget
This one has tweezers and a bottle opener among other things, so it will definitely come in handy at some point. It slots right round your house key too!

iPad Bed – Lap Desk
Photo of IPad Lap Tray
They say simple is beautiful, and this is certainly true of the iPad Bed-Lap Desk. Handy for dads who commute or like to watch TV on their iPad in bed.  A bit more fun than your average stand, it comes in blue or green and has a soft cushion underneath for comfort.

Ice Phone
Photo of Ice Phone
Gadgets for phones just keep getting better and better, and we think the Ice Phone is a brilliantly quirky gift. It connects to most smartphones, has a proper handset, and can connect to your PC for Skype. It even has the ability to charge your phone and it comes in loads of cool colours to match any Dad’s taste!

Creative Ideas for Kids

Now the Easter Eggs have all been hunted down and consumed you will probably have bored kids with too much energy wanting to be amused.    Rocking Pony has lots of creative art activities to choose from:


Apply glittery foils to adhesive foam shapes to make Cool Stickers
Mix and match foils to create your own amazing sticker designs
No cutting or gluing -  No worries about cleaning up
Stickers Set comes with 20 punch-out stickers
16 glitter and foil sheets in 4 different colours
Easy-to-follow instructions Ages 4 and up

foil_art_for _kids


Get creative with Travel Scratch & Sketch
Cool art activity books, perfect fun for kids of all ages
Scratch away the black coating & images appear like magic
Activity Book includes 20 scratch-off, 20 illustrated & 20 sketch pages
Travel Scratch & Sketch measures 21cm x 17cm

scratch ballet


Perfect Fun Doodling for Kids
Wipe Clean Mats – draw on, wipe clean and start all over again!
Great for travelling and entertaining the kids in the car
Perfect at mealtimes as a placemat
Supplied with a black dry wipe pen
Suitable for toddlers as well as older children

doodling_for_kids_ rocket_doodlemat

Wipe Clean Mats have a cork backing and measure 287mm x 219mm x 3mm

Give Me My Hour Back!

4 person backpack

I am so tired today; surely it can’t all be due to one missing hour? How many of you forgot to synchronize timepieces and had your whole day run away from you?

We have just taken delivery of a pallet load of puppies – The ‘Cake’ Door Stop variety, not real ones, so all of you who have been waiting patiently, wait no more!

All the picnic goodies have also arrived and Amanda will no doubt be showing her basket off at this Saturdays Point Continue reading

We’ve Found Some New Buttons to Press!

Takkoda Travel Card Holder

Are the daffodils out near you yet? Amanda judges the progress of spring on the amount of daffs flowering on her birthday. (12th March) She was sadly disappointed – and not because you forgot to send her a card!

All the Onya products are now on the site and we are trying to add an image to this blog – don’t hold yer breath! To any new followers (and you both know who you are) Amanda & I have only recently started out on this magical mystery tour of blogging. We know that it Continue reading

Is Anybody Out There?

What a busy weekend, so many new products to put on the site, feel as if we’ve stayed up all night watching the Oscars (have you ever and was it worth it?)

All the gorgeous picnicwear is due in this week, so fingers crossed for sunny weather. Apparently, the Met Office is no longer going to give long range forecasts as they got it so wrong last year. Ah well, even if it rains all summer Amanda & I will sit indoors to enjoy our picnics and admire our lovely baskets. (Have you ever had to?)

Just got a new range of the eco friendly ‘Onya’ products in – will be on the site in no time. Reusable bags made from strong parachute material and stainless steel bottles in great colours. Love the way Continue reading

Rocking Pony Trots into the Blogging Arena

How sad are we, that we had to search on Wikipedia for the meaning of ‘Blog’ so that we didn’t make complete fools of ourselves on our foray into the arena. I bet there are a few of you still out there who didn’t know either and are now rushing to look!!
We should have just asked our sons – teenage boys know everything!! Is it the same with girls – well I suppose we do know everything, so easy question – silly us.
Now we should really be selling the virtues of our gorgeous, funky web Continue reading