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Is Anybody Out There?

What a busy weekend, so many new products to put on the site, feel as if we’ve stayed up all night watching the Oscars (have you ever and was it worth it?)

All the gorgeous picnicwear is due in this week, so fingers crossed for sunny weather. Apparently, the Met Office is no longer going to give long range forecasts as they got it so wrong last year. Ah well, even if it rains all summer Amanda & I will sit indoors to enjoy our picnics and admire our lovely baskets. (Have you ever had to?)

Just got a new range of the eco friendly ‘Onya’ products in – will be on the site in no time. Reusable bags made from strong parachute material and stainless steel bottles in great colours. Love the way Continue reading

Rocking Pony Trots into the Blogging Arena

How sad are we, that we had to search on Wikipedia for the meaning of ‘Blog’ so that we didn’t make complete fools of ourselves on our foray into the arena. I bet there are a few of you still out there who didn’t know either and are now rushing to look!!
We should have just asked our sons – teenage boys know everything!! Is it the same with girls – well I suppose we do know everything, so easy question – silly us.
Now we should really be selling the virtues of our gorgeous, funky web Continue reading